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Phantom 20.8Ah LG Max Power 5400W by VIPPA Scooter

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The VIPPA Phantom is powerful, durable and tough. It's designed to take you anywhere your heart desires - whether that be on a mountain trail or through town for work!

This scooter can handle anything from daily commutes in between classes at school; to exploring new paths by bike off the beaten track with friends like never before- because no matter where you go this thing will always get there first.

With its high-quality construction made out of aluminium alloys proven time after again as strong & sturdy material, the whole body feels amazing in every way possible while still light enough not only carry everything needed but also to provide protection against bumps along the sidepath. 

All spare parts are available and stored locally at our Brisbane warehouse.


Powerful and portable
The VIPPA Phantom is a very innovative and clever design. It's so easy to store, you can easily fit it into any small space or take it with you if need be on public transportation like a train!

Built tough to last
The VIPPA Phantom features a sturdy design that will keep you going through the urban jungle or across off-road terrain. Its rugged and functional structure won't compromise your journey while taking you effortlessly over any surface. It's an absolute beast.

High performing endless excitement
Australian law is limited to a speed preset of 25kmh for public and urban use. The VIPPA Phantom offers max speeds up to 60kmh for private property use only! This is the top model in the VIPPA electric scooter family.

Travel transformed
The VIPPA Phantom is your solution to transforming your daily commute to work or university. This advanced electric scooter will exceed your expectations while creating new excitement from day to day.

Safety first
The VIPPA Phantom has a remarkable suspension design, that guarantees you larger suspension in rough terrain and better stability at higher speeds. The VIPPA Phantom is fitted with front and rear Zoom hydraulic brakes, giving you the confidence to ride with freedom.

Smart digital display
The VIPPA Phantom features an elegantly designed electronic throttle with an LCD display that provides information about your ride, keeping you informed about the entire journey.


  • Travel speed
  • Distance travelled
  • Voltage indicator
  • Battery status indicator
  • Speed mode
  • Trip time
  • Cruise control
  • Backlit display
  • Auto power off option
  • USB connectivity
  • Remote control auto-lock
  • Security alarm remote system
  • Feature 3 brake settings 


Model Phantom
Frame material Aluminum Alloy
Tyre size 10 inch pneumatic front + rear
Colour Black
Motor rated power 2 x 1800W brushless motors
Motor max power 5400W
Battery indicator LCD digital display
Road lights LED headlight + dual front LED and rear LED lights
Charging time 8-10 hours (dual 5 hours)
Battery type Lithium-ion
Battery make LG
Battery size* 20.8Ah
Voltage 60V
Max load 150kg
Speed limited 25kmh (top speed preset for Australia)
Max speed* 60kmh (for use on private property)
Max range* Up to 60km (real-life conditions!)
Max climb 45 degrees
Waterproof grade IP55
Rider height range 150cm - 200cm
Steering type Stability control 'notch to true centre'
Brake make Zoom hydraulic brakes
Brake type Front and rear
Brake distance 10m (speed > 60kmh)
Size folded 1160 x 260 x 520mm
Size unfolded 1160 x 260 x 1100mm
Weight 30kg

*Max speed and range are calculated by the manufacturer under controlled factory conditions. Factors such as rider weight, terrain, hills, power mode and heavy acceleration can greatly reduce these figures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I've been riding my Phantom for just under a month now and I'm addicted to its power and performance. I ride it every day to work and for fun on the weekends. I didn't expect to use it this much but it's so exhilarating to ride that I find myself exploring the city day and night now. Riding at night is amazing, the lights on the Phantom are great so no problems there. I ride pretty hard, so I'm getting on average 40km range on a charge, which is fine. The power is so good, I tested it on Christie Street, with a 45 degree angle and about 50m long. I had dual motor selected, the Phantom ate that hill with ease, climbing from a standstill to reaching 20kmh at the top. Highly recommended.


I was looking forward to getting my Phantom for over a month. I was lucky enough to get one of the pre-orders. This scooter is an absolute beast! I have hardly used the dual motors yet as I need to get familiar with this power. The design is so sick, with the black and white details on the wheels and logos. Well done VIPPA you have delivered something amazing. Thank you! I can't wait to get one of your diamond helmets!


I'm so stoked with my Phantom! I want to commend VIPPA on producing an amazing machine! It's so rare be this impressed with a new product these days, from the packaging through to the product manual, this brand has great design. The quality of this electric scooter is remarkable, the power is great and the sturdy design feels so solid! So far so good ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐