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Three Reasons Why I Love My Electric Scooter

I used to be a huge fan of the zippy black Vespa, but i don't know if it's because they are so expensive. When my husband surprised me with an electric scooter, at first I was pretty upset about not getting the one thing that could make commuting in this city bearable. But now after using it for a few months, I can honestly say that not only do i love it but here are three reasons why you might too:

It's way cheaper than a car or bike

I know this seems like kind of an odd reason to love something, but if you've ever tried buying gas for one of those things then you'll understand. Not only is it way cheaper in the long run, but it's also easier to maintain which makes me feel better about spending so much money on something that I can't even fix myself.

It has a bigger range than you think

I was really skeptical at first because most of them don't go more than 40 kilometres before needing recharging (which is still way faster than any other method of transportation). But I was pleasantly surprised when mine went closer to 65! This is probably because my husband chose one with a bigger battery, but still. It's nice not having to worry about finding somewhere to plug in all the time.

You can go off road too

I feel like this goes without saying since this is why they are made, but I've never owned a vehicle that did this until now. It's nice to be able to go wherever you feel like without having to worry about getting stuck in the mud even though it does take up most of my free time.

So here are my reasons why I love my electric scooter. Let us know what you think and if there are any other things we should know about them.